Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

Review: Yesta Foundation

hello everyone! review this time on the foundation, this foundation is already long enough and not yet run out until now, and often I use to make up my experiment ..
yesta is Produced by: SKY RESOURCES SND BHD (MALAYSIA) and Imported by: PT Daita Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia, the beginning I bought this foundation in fact I wanted to buy Kryolan foundation, but it was not enough for my money at past time, I finally saw this foundation and immediately buy it ^ _ ^

practical packaging, there are two different sizes with a weight that is 55ml and 30 ml, and I chose the small size 30ml, because I know the  foundation same as Kryolan,it took a long time to spend it lol :D :D
at the bottom of the box you can find, the content of this foundation

after I open the cap, looks directly the foundation, unfortunately the less hygienic packaging for a foundation, because the fine dust easily fit into the foundation :(

for shade variants, there are 3 available, pink, brown, and i forget the shade name, but more brown, well I choose a foundation that is colored brown, but despite its name brown, once in use on my face too white>. <, and it makes me feel to use a mask cause more white lol, finally I use foundation to experiment makeup at home alone

creamy texture, just use a little, it can be used on the entire face, but if used too much will make the dry patch area>. <, then also a little greasy on the face, so it should be clever to outsmart with a powder with oily control a good ^_^

okay this photo of my sister cheek before using foundation, because she has a slight stain on the face, I took her on a trial test foundation lol: D: D, but quiet old enough for at tested foundation: D: D
and this after its application
and thenn..this is my bare face,and so many pimples at my skin

Voila~~!results after using foundation without face powder, covered my stains very well, there is a dry patch area at  my face, on the acne who want to dry

Like-->> affordable around IDR60.000-70 000 with the use of a long term,
cover the stain with a perfect
Dislike-->>too greasy, excessive use will form a dry patch area

 More Rcommended for-->>in use at the wedding party, etc, the skin is dry / normal,
Not Recommended for-->>oily skin, daily makeup


Like-->>harga kisaran IDR 60.000-70.000,
menutupi noda dengan sempurna
Dislike-->>terlalu berminyak,penggunaan berlebihan membuat petak"kering di wajah >.<

Lebih Direkomendasikan untuk-->>acara pesta pernikahan,dll yang berhubungan dengan pesta ^_^,kulit kering/normal
Tidak Direkomendasikan untuk-->>kulit yang berminyak,penggunaan makeup sehari-hari


What about you, have you tried this foundation?or  what foundation are you using?
share with me ,see yaa~~ ^_^

6 komentar:

  1. wah dulu aku pas liat iklannya di majalah udah pengen belii.. tapi ternyata gak cocok sama kulit berminyak yaahh.. :(

  2. mau coba ah viaaaa, di pasar baru kah belinya? aku lupa catet pin bbnya pas liat iklan yesta di majalah -___-

    1. engga ku belinya di toko kosmetik di pgc tia :D

  3. Waaa, bagus foundienya, jadi penasaran bet. Eh, tapi kulitmu emang udah bagus ya? Hehehe..

    1. lumayan sih kalo aku,tapi warnanya terlalu putih yg ini T_T,hihi kulitku jerawatan say