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Review: Feverlet HD Make-up BB Cream

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This time I want to review bb cream feverlet with 1-month trial period, I bought bb cream in the form of sample that enough for one month of use, so i would like to review here ...

long as I use bb cream, there are some advantages that I feel and I liked it, and nothing makes me embarrassed to use this bb cream, whatever it is, ok let's to the reviews ^_^

  High Definition: having the original meaning of "flawless" and "good looking" in camera. Products that have the HD means makeup that can cover the shortage of skin, so that when the models were photographed in high resolution, then the shortage can be covered with a very smooth and natural . And also gives sparkle fresh and moist so that the face looks younger ^O^, besides that, the bb cream staying power for about 4-5 hours


texture is very thick, it took so long  to blend it , so no make a clot in certain parts of the face, but after evenly, the results are good, face so smooth and moist, ohya.....feverlet has SPF 30/PA + + wooww ^O^


the very regrettable  only one,just have one shade that is - brighter sheer, but this is too white for me to use, so long as I'm trying,  i blend it  very thin

okay this is my sister  face, with a normal skin type and a little stain hahaha, and she has a white skin rosy tint, fresh skin i think :D
see picture above, once applied do not make the type skin white rosy tint,be a  pale white

and this is experiment with my face,which that I have normal skin tends to dry >.<, and my skin type yellow-white, and in my face has acne and acne scars small cubes, look right?
the end result just use bb cream,without powder ,covered so perfect

This is different before and after, too white for yellow-white skin types like me, and the shade was very different my real skin and feverlet shade T__T

yes even though long time will blend into the color of my skin as shown above use bb cream without powder, and survive long enough 4-6 hour, and although the range of 2 hours of the nose should be in use touch up with powder :D :D

Like -->> cover the lack of face perfectly, making the face feels silky smooth on the face,the scent very soft
Dislike -- >> its shade too white, only has one shade, a high price for a package

More Recommended -- >> have a skin type  rosy  white, normal, dry
not recommended -- >> have a dark skin type, very greasy

okay  that is my review results, is there any of you who use this bb cream? sharewith me guys!okey ^O^

Like-->>menutupi kekurangan wajah dengan sempurna,membuat wajah terasa lebih halus mulus di wajah,aromanya yang soft
Dislike-->> terlalu putih shade nya,cuma memiliki 1 shade,harga yang mahal untuk per kemasannya

Lebih Direkomendasikan-->> memiliki jenis kulit putih kemerah merahan,normal,dry
Tidak direkomendasikan-->>memiliki jenis kulit yang gelap,sangat berminyak 

oke segitu aja hasil reviewku,adakah dari kalian yang menggunakan bb cream ini ? share ya


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  1. whoa, it gives off a really nice coverage! though,the tone might be a little bit grayish, no? Like BRTC BB cream, it looks all grayish too on my face (I have yellow undertone) >___< but really, it's even out your skin like a magic :D thanks so much for the review <3

  2. bagus banget reviewnya :)
    apakah terasa berat di wajah?
    aku lg dalam proses tahap pencarian bb cream yg cocok nih hehe
    muka aku sensitiv dan oily, ada saran?
    btw aku follow blog mu, follback aku jg yah :D

    1. enggak kok say,bb creamnya ringan ,cuma ya itu terlalu putih buat kulitku berasa pakai topeng,kalo kamu kulitnya putih kemerah"an kulitnya bagus kok pakai ini ^_^