Selasa, 09 Oktober 2012

Celebrate Luxola Launch In Indonesia

been a few days we did not meet hehe, today I want to share about private event by luxola, some time ago, exactly on 4 October 2012 at Kemang Icon, luxola invited me and some beauty bloggers to attend the launching the online store in Indonesia...
luxola simply presenting a collection of quality cosmetics collections that have been tested by them before on sale at the online store website, so customers do not feel disappointed after shopping there, okay let's look at some of the collection on the website at present luxola it

The Face Ateller
Models Own nail polish

i love the sleek palette >.<

Sleek Blush

and this is me, not for sale guys haha :D :D
This is a mainstay style by a beauty bloggers :D

and this is my goodie bag delicious an item LOL

okey guys if you wanna buy all of the item at my picture above ,just click this

see picture below, these are the promos that is held by luxola this month ^O^



okay that's some coverage of the event that I attended at that time,see yaa at the next event guys ^_^

6 komentar:

  1. vi ai ini tee bayarnya pake IDR bisa kah?? XD mupeeng kuteksnyaaa..

    1. bisa sepertinya,coz di websitenya dia menyediakan ada tulisan sesuai mata uang singpurnya,indonesia,thailand,dll gitu

  2. Too bad I couldn't join you all that day!! It looks like a fun event =(

    1. iya fun banget,knapa gak dateng sayang banget ihh >.<

  3. Waa Model Own ya sis .. aku punya lipgloss sm kuteknya overall puasss bangettt sukaa...

    1. iya sis emang bagus gw liat temen" ibb abis pake kuteks itu ^O^