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Review : Maybelline WaterShine Pure Lipstick

Hello readers!
 at this day,i want to review one of my favorite lipstick with affordable price and satisfactory results :D : D
 taratataaaaamm .. yap,that's Maybelline, This lipstick has been recognized in many countries,so don't be doubt guys  ^ _ ^

I bought these lipstick a while ago and was discount at maybelline booth,I took nude color alone, because that's my favorite color hehe..ok  go directly to the review  ..

I like the packaging that looks so simple but exclusive, soft silver color  mixed with soft blue,love that so..so ahh >.<,and under the lipstick ,you can see
number and description about this lipstick,lipstick watershine number b23,and then you can see description where's cosmetics maybelline be made at newyork

with that scent do not sting make everybody wearing comfortable

in terms of texture I really like,the lipstick not matte, but more to the glossy but still based texture for lipstick.so that wearing this lipstick,lips will not be dry, but moisture,but the lack type of this lipstick is made from a mix with more glossy tends rapidly faded, of course  ^ _ ^

for the color, I really like Maybelline watershine number B23, nude pink softer when i use on the lips and suitable for use dailies activity
SWATCHESsee in the picture above there sequence is:

1. start with my bare lips

2. only once swatch

3. 2-3 times swatches

4. swatches many times>. <

 tadaa .. the result is not thickness, I think this lipstick more to close shortfall pale lips , that becomes fresher with pink soft and  glossy to add to the impression fresh ^. ^
the photo I use this Maybelline lipstick, look do not thickness hehe

Like - >> texture soft no matte,reasonable price but still good quality the brand  has no doubt in the world of beauty : D :D ,
 the scent is not sting

Dislike - >> not recommended for lovers of matte lipstick or a long-lasting lipstick, because that's not durable,resistance only 2hours ^ _ ^ V, overall i like this lipstick

Repurchase?of course,red color,  I was trying that at booth,the color so soft >.<

Overall I like this lipstick, well what about if you've tried this lipstick? with other colors?

Overall I like this lipstick, well,what about you? with other colors?

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  1. my friend has it in red. the color is sheer and beautiful :) nice photo!

    1. haha iya,aku penasaran sama warna merahnya,cantik warna merahnya tuh,belum sempet beli lagi >.<

  2. wow, nice review.
    i like it

    don't forget come to my blog,ohohohoo . . .

    #i have followed you sist, please follback :)

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    1. aww so thankyou,glowing my lipss lalalala haha ^O^

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    1. baguss terlihat fresh kalau memakai ini,tapi cepat budarnya hihi