Jumat, 14 September 2012

Review: Mustika Ratu Papaya Body Butter

Morning everyone,I will review only the body butter I've had, again again just the only one hahaha, this brand of mustika ratu, ok lets to the review ^_^

these days to be honest I'm lazy to write a review,so i am just quick post about this product,so sorry guys *slapp* >.<
 the packaging have a round shape with a weight of 200 grams,size is quite big, right?
at the bottom of the packaging there is a description of the benefits of these products, there exist in Indonesian and English language, this product may also have spread to many countries,and of course have a ingridients after opening the cap we can see there, aluminum foil cap, so it remains safe from spilling anywhere
Big size woow O.O
description of this product

 papaya scent is soft

 creamy texture, more humid at hand, not sticky after using a long time, and easily seep
Like-->>affordable prices, there are quite a lot of variants, accessible in supermarkets in Indonesia, quickly absorbed, non-sticky
Dislike-->>not hygienic way of taking the cream,less durable the fragrance

overall i like this product,but the aroma of coffee because I do not like this papaya scent LOL

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