Sabtu, 08 September 2012

Review : Ultima II Beautiful Nutrient Nourishing Makeup

hello everyone! at this morning i would to review product ,when i join at event ultima II,
in one of the goodiebag there are some cosmetics that i got,and i got Ultima II Beautiful Nutrient Nourishing Makeup spf 15....ok lets go to the review

at the first time i saw this product ,i'm so confused,why?,because,this porduct looking like a foundation ,but no one of writing about foundation ,and then i test at my skin,yeah thats foundation ,hmm..ok i think ultima make this product more focused on the benefits of the cream  ,so name the product nourishing make up  than foundation


at ultima boxes  you can see explanation of the ultima benefits ,so make easily a buyer for knowing any content on this product,and then you can find bottle made of glass on this boxes,so far i don't like packaging with glass bottle,fear of rupture if i carry it everywhere

oh my,i really hate this scent,because the scent like a drug,probably because the content in it

when you spill,you must a bit carefully if you want use this product, the texture is very liquid not creamy,the coverage is quite okay and easy to blend

the color for my skin tone is natural,but for skin tone white it is to dark ,you can see at the picture below,i blended at my hand

Voila..! the result so natural,not thick and evenly staying power 4-5 hour

Like-->> easy to blend,many nutrients,suitable for daily use
Dislike-->> the scent are sting

REPURCHASE?no,cause i dont like the scent

overall i like this foundation easy to blend and natural,just the stink i dont like so much ,ieuuh :D :D
what about you?you like this product?

Lee Via Han

4 komentar:

  1. I have never tried Ultima II. but anyways, it looks good on your skin :)

  2. Emang konsekuensi kosmetik fragrance-free baunya gak enak... Tapi pasti lebih sehat, lho.. ^^

    Btw, berapaan nih dear?? *racunbaru :p

  3. ohh gitu ya,lebih sehat pantesan tuh gak pake foundation judulnya malah nutrisi hadeeh --_--,boleh dapet gratisan say di event ultima waktu itu hihi,tapi aku sempet searching juga sih harganya 180 ribu gitu ,yah paling di bawahnya harga segitu lah ^_^