Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review: Maybelline The Hyper Curl Volum Express Mascara

hello readers!at this sunny day,i wanna review about mascara from maybelline,i like maybellin,because very under budget but high quality *slapp*,ok lets to the review

at the first time I bought this product with an affordable price, the price is 6$-7$(IDR 60.000-70.000), and I did not think long, that is in my brain just wanted to try one mascara, you know, I don't have mascara at home >.< , and even then there is only one and it's recommended by a friend LOLs :D:D,if telling why I don't like mascara, this review will not be started  hahaha
 The packaging an oval and pretty with black pink detailing with silver cap,and then under the packaging you can see description of shade  this mascara
when i open the cap, you can see the brush is so thick, and it made me less comfortable for the using --_--

the scent just a bit,so make you comfortable for using this mascara

a  thick texture so it's not easy to spill, and the most I like,when i apply that dries so quickly 

  I chose black, and the black color is very pigmented
see picture above, the first image after a few minutes mascara has dried, and the second image ,the picture after I flush the water in the liquid mascara, then I scrub hard enough, the results are satisfactory, just a bit flakes of mascara,so smudge proof and waterproof

but which is in the pity an effects just curls,after I use eyelash curler pins,
i don't see my eye lashes curl after using the mascara without curler,just a bit,so pity like me,have thin eyelashes T.T
black color can be seen in the left eye

Like-->>Affordable price,cute packaging, easy to clean with a make up remover,smudge proof and water proof,makes my lashes look long but stay look a natural,does not clot in the eye

Dislike-->>fat packaging complicate for the applying

Overall i like and I don't regret buying this product ^_^

what about you guys??what the  mascara you like


  1. My HG mascara nih,sempet mau nyoba magnum atau falsies tapi ragu,masih bagusan yg ini dengan harga lebih terjangkau.. :D

  2. lee vi,, aku mah ga cocok pake ini rontok bangets. ga ngerti dech knp!!jd aja dihibahin.. XD padahal waterproof, kalo wudhu tuh tetep stay cakeps..

    1. via aja ,ribet ya nama blog ku hahaha,hmm mungkin karna waterproof bulu mata jadi rontok,wajar sih ya bgtu kalo si waterproof ckck

  3. Wah! this is a very nice review babe :)
    Gw jadi tergiur pengen beli :))

    1. haha yuu ak beli ,ini mascara bagus cyyn hihi :D

  4. wah nice review! Have never tried this one, tried the cat-eye-something from Maybelline too and it was NIGHTMARE T__T hahaha maybe this one's good? My lashes r longer but much much thinner than yours so it's super prone to clumping T_T

    1. yap same with me lah sis,harus pake serum kalo mau lebih tebel bulmatanya hihi

  5. lee vi, foto2nya cantik banget hehehe.. pake kamera apa say? diedit pake apa? btw, salam kenal ya, aku hana dari beauty-chica.blogspot.com

    1. hi hana!thanks ya,aku pake kamera biasa kok camdig,edit cuma untuk nerangin dan crop" aja hehe

  6. I agree it is a nice review. I might try to find one since it is a drugstore product so it wont burn a hole in my pocket to think abt buying it.

  7. Hi via ^^
    aku juga pernah pake ini, what a nice mascara!!
    tapi sekarang lagi pake Volume Express Turbo Boost,,

    check out my new blog dear,, and kindly folback thnx a lot ^^

  8. aku juga suka nih mascara, kubuat juga review di blog q tapi foto"nya gak sebagus punya mbak
    tapi sekrang dia sudah mengering >,,<