Kamis, 13 September 2012

Review: Mustika Ratu Loose Powder Oxygen

hello everyone, this is the first time I review the loose powder, and the only one loose powder that I had,ok guys,lets to the review ^_^

at the time,first time i bought loose powder,because my compact powder is up ,and then i saw these product when already put in the display,and the seller says to me ,the product still fresh are new,simply of my curious soul I began eagerly to see the product and buy it immediately*slapp*

at the first saw a packaging,looks so luxurious with gold color overall packaging,and the packaging so mild,forms of packaging also round
 at the bottom of the packaging, there is a description of the composition this product,hmm..by the way,heyy see at the picture,you can see small icon ,this product got an award 'superbrands award',and mean this product is good yeyy :D:D
 ok we open the packaging, tara ~ ~, there are still closed in the package, which is useful to avoid spilling the powder suddenly after previous lid, so safe for us  carry it everywhere, and there are small holes to facilitate we do not take the powder directly into the powder so it stays hygienic yeyy ^O^
 really ,i like the scent of this product,soft ,like a baby scent plus tea >.<

 for cheap products like this, i must say good quality,because the texture is grains are very fine, so evenly after use, not shiny and not to matte,not dry on my face,have a oxygen complex,but the staying power is not good ,no worries for me :D :D,this product have three shade Kuning Langsat, Rose, Natural Glow,but my loose powder ,i chose natural glow,i think better for me this shade *wink*
you can see before and after i use this loose powder ...what do you think? :D

Like-->>cheap only 3$ (IDR 27.000), there is oxygen,scent a good like a baby plus tea , hygienic packaging, mild on the face,
Dislike-->>hmm...nothing ^O^

Overall i like so so much this product,i thing i must repurchase ,if this powder exhausted,and then what about you?

4 komentar:

  1. Yea that is cheap!! Looks great. Well mustika ratu is a pretty famous indo brand right? Always great when u have a product that $5 less hahaha wont break ur bank!

    1. right ,salah satu brand terkemuka di indon dan banyak yang pakai ^_^

  2. Belom pernah pakai yg ini si, kayaknya shadenya bisa masuk ke kulitku, harganya murah pula untuk segede gitu, hmm bisa dijadkan alternatip ni kalau lp punyaku habis n lagi bokek he he... :)

  3. saya juga punya bedak ini, suka karna bisa mengontrol minyak sampe lebih dari 4 jam dan teksturnya lumayan halus, murah pula hehe