Sabtu, 15 September 2012

Trick Eyebrows With Eye Shadow Foundation ?

This time I wanted to expose my secret tips to touch up eyebrows,or when I'm lost my eyebrow pencil and in desperate need of makeup on the eyebrows, ehmm just a bit  time for this part, and is also suitable for those who like make up eyebrows with color a thin ,ok lets start ^O^


  1. of course my bare eyebrow
  2. apply eyeshadow black / brown on your eyebrows evenly and gradually so it looks neat
  3.  look different with eyebrows yet to apply eyeshadow
  4. voilla, was all eyebrows to apply eyeshadow, but still less tidy, but for touch up until this part is not a problem
  5. apply a creamy foundation, to create sharper eyebrows
  6. tara~~ finish you got it,looks different from the previous 
hopefully this tips so useful,byee.... *smooch*

5 komentar:

  1. wah kebiasaanku tiap pagi, bikin eyebrow pake eyeshadow emang jatuhnya natural , love it <3

  2. Great tips! Yes concealer or foundation is awesome for making your brow looks sharp.

  3. Very nice tricks :)

    Anyway I tag you here, if you don't mind to reply ^^ :