Selasa, 18 September 2012

Review: Hada Labo Tamagohada Mild Peeling Face Wash

heihoo~everyone! i want to share product from ROHTO that's Hada Labo face wash,The new product is present in Indonesia, will soon be a product that will be favorite by many women lol,because in Japan,this product is a best seller, hmm * think *

 This Hada Labo face wash come with 'mild peeling' label,but without scrub,hmm may be these scrub very small like a particel atom *lol* :D:D
I really like the packaging of this product hada labo, because the color is baby blue kyaa ~ ~ * scream * so cute, you know lah, i like blue so much*look my template blog lol*, the packaging is simple, hygienic and very fitting to be taken everywhere
look at the front of the packaging, paper AHA and BHA, good for our skin, and in the back of the packaging we see ingredients this product , how to use, and benefits of these products
And this is the ingredients, you even can read the benefits of this face wash

with a hygienic cap like this, makes the user comfortable to use this, because it is not easy to spill

the texture of this face wash is creamy *love it, and then,it doesn't use a scrub, so the texture is very very soft, after using this product my face feel moist

Like-->>affordable price,free scent,free oil,free  alcohol,make my skin moist,hygiene,using AHA and BHA,cute packaging^O^
Dislike-->> really,nothinggggg >.<

overall,i like so much for this product,Hada Labo always work great on my skin, they do what they should to do.....really \^O^/everywhere moist skin  yeyyy~
what about you guys?

 ps:the views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my opinion,according to what I feel

4 komentar:

  1. jatuh cinta pada pemakaian pertama yaa~ hihi
    pengen coba hadalabo, tapi masih ragu, takut ga cocok..

    btw, itu buat all skin types atau apa? current skin condition kamu gimana sist? aku berminyak dan redness ni.

    typo sist: conclusion, using S not T

    1. kulitku normal sih sarah,kalo buat yang berminyak bagus kok yang ini ^_^

  2. HL tamagohada ini maksudnya mild peeling-nya di sini adalah chemical peeling (AHA - alpha hydoxy acid; BHA - beta hydoxy acid), jadi memang ga ada scrubnya, peelingnya pake bahan kimia a.k.a acid (asam).. HTH dear.. :)

    Aku udah penasaran banget pengen nyobain tamagohada facewash ini, tapi di jogja belom ada.. T.T

  3. This is really cool, I love hearing about makeup/skin care products from different countries! It will probably be really hard to get my hands on this and try it. I'm your newest follower, please check out my blog and follow me too if you like it :)