Minggu, 09 September 2012

Review : Viva Cosmetics Blush On Duo

hi guys!ah...beautiful day now,i'm so happy,so sunny and shady \^O^/ ,now i want to review another product ,that product name is Viva cosmetics.Viva cosmetics is one of the oldest indonesian make up brand,and they are so famous with long time are 50 years,woww,and then they are so famous with their cheap range of make up *uhmm i like it *,but today i want to review their product is blush on...ok let's to the review
viva blush on have 4 shade,which one packaging have 2 shade ,and i chose viva blush on duo number 04 the color is orange and brown
you can see at the packaging ,size so simple,and with clear plastic lid you can view the entire contents of the blush on,but i don't like a brush,because it so small for  to use my cheek
behind the packaging you can see ingredient this blush on,(i don't like paraben) >.<

 just bit scent ,so it does not interfere when it is used

Texture this blush on so matte ,and quite pigmented,but chalky make the blush on powder fall at my nose and make me sneezing LOL :D :D ,btw you can apply at your cheek with a single color ,just orange or just brown,and you can apply in unison ,up to you ^_^

you can find at booth viva cosmetics with 4 shade ,but i chose number 4 with two color orange and brown,good for shading my cheek hehe
Voila....that finishing i apply to my cheek,look so natural brown ^_^


Like--> 3 in 1 color  *love it* ,doesn't load a lot of place,cheap and affordable price,only 1 $, quite good staying power,for cheap product LOL

Dislike--> chalky,applicator so small make hard apply to my cheek 

Repurchase? maybe,but I wanted to try another blush ^_^

Overall  I like this product at very cheap and the quality is quite good
what about you? leave comment here guys ,see yaaa ...


Lee Via Han

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  1. Aku juga punya yg ini
    this is my favourite blush ^^
    kesannya natural dipake ktimbang yg warna pink