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IBB Challenge (January) : Must Have Red + TUTORIAL

Hello how are you there?, for a long time I haven't been following the makeup challenge organized by the beauty bloggers, and this time I want to try to joined the challenge by Indonesian beauty blogger, with the theme of 'Must Have Red'. this time my makeup, is so simple make up but displays a more mature impression with eye makeup and red lipstick, ok just go ahead ...

Here I will show you some tutorials just to be a prominent part of the makeup being used, as in the eyes and lips (^_^)

Product that i used:
Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel SPF 30++(base)
Yesta Foundation
Wet n Wild Blush
Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra
LT Pro Shade n Tint kit

 My Darling Eyeliner
Wardah Eyeshadow
Lancome Hypnose Dolly Eyes Mascara

1. apply the gold eyeshadow on the middle of the eyes area and the edge line using a black eyeshadow
2. blend it with your finger,it make your eyeshadow gradation looks so blend

(sorry there was a mistake in the picture, the picture number two for number one)
1. Apply eyeliner on the upper eyelid,make it tapered
2. apply a light pink blush, for add to the impression of the face stand out

Mirabella Designer Lipstick
Wardah Eyeshadow
Wet n Wild Megaslicks Lipgloss

1. Blend of black eyeshadow around the edge of the lip, in the order to make your lips looks so stand out at the most central the lips,and make the sexy impression of the lips
2. apply red lipstick and blend the affected part of the black eyeshadow

3  The lips are blended with black eyeshadow , already  fused with red lipstick
4. Use lip gloss at the bottom, and a little on the upper lip


 That's some brief tutorial on using makeup look with impression a bold red color, and look at my pictures under this,this is my picture after using the tutorial above ^ _ ^

the light of camera panned my face,so that make my face looks so fake bright  LOL :D :D

This makeup is suitable for display using a glasses to look more attractive, see at my picture,the wind make my hair blown, enough to make a nice photo effects  hahhaa.
okay just this for my post today, let's make you follow the challenge posed by the Indonesian beauty blogger,and many attractive prizes awarded, for the registration closes on 20 january 2013

Click Here

 By the way,what do you think about my look?so mature,of course LOLOL :D

Thank you for reading all (^_^)

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    *capslock rusak*

  2. you look so mature! :3 nice look!
    good luck for us ^^ hihi

    1. hihi good luck vee ,haha lipstik merah bikin beda emang ^_^

  3. Wah eyeshadow itemnya bikin berdimensi gemanah getoh ya bookk. hahaha..

    betewe, I tag you in this post.. Please check it out yaaa.. :D

    1. iyah cynn..eyeshadow hitam emang paling bagus mau diapain aja ^_^,thankyou untuk liebster awardnya ^_^

  4. Wuih,viaa..Teknik baru nih pke black eyeshdow di bibir....hahahaa..
    Mature looknya nda nahann cantiknyaaa...
    good luck,dear..yeyeyeyyeeyy....

    1. ahihihi malu akike ,itu kehabisan ide,soalnya lipsticknya gak begitu merah,alhasil pake eyeshadow hitam biar gimana gitu huahaha ^_^

  5. vii,, cantik banget as usuall.. :* so mature!! *O*