Sabtu, 03 November 2012

Lancome Beauty Blogger Duel (the final)

a few weeks ago..,I attended an event held by Lancome Indonesia,The event took place at Seibu's Premium Lounge, Grand Indonesia..
it's the final of Lancome Beauty Bloggers Duel ! It's between Ce Carnellin and Marsha ^_^
okey let's see it directly on the photos below

and the winner is.....MARSHA ! yeyy congratulation dear ^_^
photo courtesy of carryna
and this is beauty blogger Indonesia,so pretty of all right :D
and this is my goodie bag ^_^

thanks lancome! i'm so happy  attend your event :)

2 komentar:

  1. wish i was there xD

    visit my blog ^^

  2. hehe ,ikut "makannya sis seru deh ^_^

    ok aku main" :)